Going into Autumn is the time to boost your skin’s resilience as cold air, heating & even exposure to cold, gusts of wind are disastrous in Rosacea. So what can you do?
Rosacea is a very common skin condition in Australia and often the stress of redness, flaky skin and itchiness itself makes the Rosacea worse!. Finding products that are super-gentle on the skin and offer maximum hydration is so very important to manage these sensitivities.

1. Moisturise Well & Often - The right Moisturiser is not purely cosmetic for Rosacea sufferers.  The secret to preventing Rosacea flares AND speeding their healing is to maximise hydration. Double your moisturiser use and you will see a dramatic reduction in flare-ups. A great tip is to keep a moisturiser and a bottle of water in your handbag.  Increase your hydration at the first signs of a flare-up. 

2. Avoid washing your face with too hot or too cold water -  Use water that is just right! (Goldilocks was a genius)  Even better, use products that don’t require water, as it can be stripping.

3. For relief of an angry, red flare, an ice pack in a cloth can really help.

4. Be gentle with rosacea-affected skin -  Always apply products with a delicate touch.  And use very soft cloths and cotton.  Likewise look for gentle, spherical exfoliants like Jojoba Beads and apply gently.

5. Certain foods or situations may be your rosacea trigger -  Stress, chilli & other foods, alcohol, irritating cosmetic and laundry ingredients, sun exposure and dramatic temperatures are common triggers for Rosacea. A food/general diary may help you identify potential triggers and then avoid if you can. Sensitive-suitable Sunscreen and a hat are always recommended especially if you live somewhere where the sun shines most days. (Hello, most of Australia!)

6. Look for skincare products which are suitable for Sensitive skin - Avoid irritant ingredients and fragrance in your skincare, make up & your sunscreen as they may be your triggers.

7. Always patch-test skincare products -  And only on non-irritated skin.  Irritated skin is irritated and will always react.  Don’t bug irritated skin (or people)

8. Sometimes, you may need to see a Doctor -  Some cases respond very well to antibiotic creams and other prescription products.

In Rosacea, like all skin-sensitivities, prevention is the best cure.  So now as we head into Autumn, is the time to start paying more attention to your skin.  The more settled your skin is in Autumn, the less rosacea flares you are likely to get when things get cold.

(And hopefully, this winter you will not need the cover of a mask to cover your irritated skin)

I have created QED Skincare’s Ultra-Sensitive range combining my years of Pharmacy experience with extensive Scientific research.  So QED Products have been formulated from plant-based, unscented ingredients to soothe and protect even the most highly sensitive skin.

The 4-piece Ultra-Sensitive starter kit formulated to banish your Rosacea, naturally.

The Ultra-Sensitive Starter Kit $117  includes:

Ultra-Sensitive Treatment Cleanser 60ml

Purify, nourish & protect your skin with this Ultra-Sensitive Treatment Cleanser.  Its super gentle formula will remove dirt, impurities & stubborn makeup (including waterproof), whilst replenishing the skin's natural defence barrier. If your skin is dry or sensitive, this mega-gentle natural formula is perfect for you - cleansing & boosting the resilience of your skin all in one hit.

Ultra-Sensitive Face Balm 15g

Ultra-Sensitive Face Balm is a uniquely effective, powerful moisturiser that combines the barrier benefits of a natural balm with the absorption & luxury finish of a cream.  This multi-benefit moisturiser supports true skin health and beauty by facilitating maximum cellular hydration, repair & restoring vital skin function. This ultra-rich balm melts into the most sensitive of skins to provide decadent hydration & improve the resilience of reactive skin reducing flares whilst improving appearance.

Ultra-Sensitive Exfoliating Balm 15g

This exfoliating balm uses Jojoba beads to gently polish & refine the skin's surface while the ultra-luxe balm cleanses & moisturises. Formulated for ultra-sensitive & dry skin, this gorgeous product will gently remove dry & flaky skin & also deeply nourish & hydrate. The multi-benefit exfoliator supports true skin health & beauty by facilitating maximum cellular hydration, repair & restoring vital skin function. Melting into the most sensitive of skin, this exfoliating balm will provide decadent hydration & improve the resilience of reactive skin reducing flares whilst improving appearance.

Ultra-Sensitive Eye Balm 5g

Our highly concentrated, yet quickly absorbed eye balm was formulated to address the concerns of those with ultra-sensitive skin whilst still addressing the most common skincare concerns around the delicate eye area - dark circles, puffiness, lack of firmness & dehydration. A unique complex packed with Cucumber Oil & all-natural ingredients to optimise hydration, visibly smooth fine lines & wrinkles whilst reducing puffiness & dark circles.