to scent or not to scent

At QED we strongly believe in the emotional power of fragrance and using a scent you love in your products gives you Joy!  Scent may be powerful but it is also very personal. There is no such thing as one scent fits all so we have designed a range of 12 Signature Scents and through a unique process, we custom blend your preferred scent to your product of choice.

BUT we also understand that not everyone likes their skincare scented.  Perhaps you have allergies or simply just want to keep your products unscented ... that's also ok.

Quite simply, the choice is yours !

Can I scent my products if I have sensitive skin?

You sure can ! We only use 100% premium natural essential oil blends which are good for you and for your skin. This also means that those of you with sensitive skin previously unable to enjoy scented products in the past, can now.  We do however recommend that those with particular skin allergies such as eczema or psoriasis should keep their products unscented.

so, how does it work ?

It's as simple as 1,2,3 ...

  • Select your product
  • Choose your scent or .... go naked (unscented)
  • We will hand blend your product + scent