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Copy of the QED story







Once upon a time, a girl had    a dream... 

 The girl became a woman   and the woman became a   pharmacist. And the   pharmacist wanted to use her  knowledge, talent and experience to assist other women who shared her dream to enhance and beautify skin through the application of natural ‘good for you’ and ‘good for the planet’ skincare. And as the woman became a mother and a worker and a provider her dream became a reality and the reality became QED Skincare.

Simply put, the aim of the girl who saw her dream become a reality, are for others like her - who want to feel good about themselves and have a healthy respect for their skin and what they apply on it - to have the ability to create their own personalised skincare. 

And if enough women, men and families share that ideal then the girl behind the dream behind QED will live happily ever after...


















 Bedtime stories aside, how was QED skincare born?

The ‘girl who had a dream’, Shoshana Eisner has worked as a community pharmacist in Sydney's East since 1997 as well as a couple of years in the Big Apple. "Living in New York gave me a new perspective on customer service. The customer was always right, (really!) and shopping was fun. More importantly, in such a competitive (& loud) market, it taught me about listening to the customer.

Returning to Sydney & back to my old pharmacy jobs, I kept hearing the same requests from customers. They wanted natural skincare. They wanted affordable skincare. They wanted effective skincare. They wanted all of these as well as beautiful textures, gorgeous scents & to be suitable for their sensitive skin. They wanted all of these as well as recyclable, biodegradable…oh yeah & also fun… Hey, I thought why not. I also noted, that people bought their skincare with their nose. The first thing everyone does when they choose skincare, is inhale…the scent. Since I was starting from scratch, I figured that I could try and meet as many of the customer ‘wants’ as possible."

And so, QED Skincare was born, or rather built to service what you, the customer wants...