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Our Scents

At QED Skincare, we strongly believe in the emotional power of fragrance. Simply put, using a scent you love in your skincare products gives you Joy!  Scent may be powerful but it is also very personal. There is no such thing as one scent fits all. Through a unique process we infuse your product with one of 12 QED pure signature scents of your choice.

But I have sensitive skin... We only use 100% premium natural essential oil blends which are good for you and for your skin. This also means that those of you with sensitive skin previously unable to enjoy perfumed products in the past, may find that the QED's scented products may not irritate the skin (we have had a very positive response with people with highly sensitive skin). Of course sometimes less is more and the beauty of our products, is that you can always choose the unscented option.

Which fragrance is for me? 

With 12 very unique fragrances to choose from, it may seem daunting or too daring to pick a scent for you skincare products.


Otherwise, scroll down to read about all of them.