QED Loyalty Rewards

Welcome to QED Loyalty Rewards, QED Skincare's membership program.

At QED, you choose your scents, choose your products & even choose your music.  Now you can even choose when to use your QED Rewards.

QED Reward Vouchers will no longer be released quarterly.  Now you can activate them when you complete a sale, both in-store & on-line.

We quietly activated this system last October, immediately after the last vouchers were sent out, so you have been accruing points since then.

You still earn 1 point for every dollar you spend…  And every 100 points you accrue can be converted into $10 which you can then spend on any of our luscious Skincare Products.

AND NOW…  there are many opportunities to earn points faster.  Firstly, when you complete your QED Loyalty profile, you will immediately earn another 50 points. (This profile will allow us to send out Birthday points).  There are referral points & there will be special bonus offers from time to time.

When you make your first purchase you are (or were) automatically added to the QED Loyalty system.  In-store, we can always look up your points tally for you or you can check for yourself on-line anytime by clicking here.  The points are connected to your email address, so if you are already our customer, don't re-register, instead request a password.  This means you can also see your purchasing history as far back as October '16.

Spending your Loyalty Rewards in-store:  We can activate your available Loyalty Points at the Cash Register.

Spending your Loyalty Rewards on-line: 

Step 1: You will need to sign in to our website using the email address linked to your purchases.  (If you haven’t used our website before,  Click on the ‘forgot your password?’ link.  Then sign in)

Step 2: In the bottom left corner, click on the box that looks like this:


Step 3: Your QED Rewards Panel will come up.  From here it will tell you how many points you have and also you are able to convert points into Reward vouchers.                


  • Don’t redeem your Rewards until you are ready to use them. Once redeemed, you have 30 days to use them.
  • If you are going to use your QED Rewards in-store, you don’t need to redeem them here, we can do that in-store.
  • If you are going to use your QED Rewards online, make sure you redeem an online only voucher, not an in-store only voucher.

BONUS: You can get extra points in the QED Loyalty Rewards Panel by either completing your profile (50 points) or inviting friends (100 points), so it is worthwhile checking this out….

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