Mini Mani Pedi Deluxe Set


A DIY option for delicious soft hands & feet. The Sweet Almond Revitalising Body Polish will moisturise as it exfoliates and the rich oil based balm is an intense moisturiser with barrier properties - great for anyone who washes their hands a lot or suffers from dryness, eczema or sensitive skin. It will leave skin feeling softer and more protected. Best of all, while your gift pack is designed to give you beautiful hands, both products can be used all over the body (except for the face).

Step 1. Exfoliate: Massage the Sweet Almond Revitalising Body Polish into damp skin. Use all over the body but especially on the hands & feet for your mini mani pedi treat. Crushed walnut granules will remove dead skin cells, and ingredients such as Aloe Vera & Sweet Almond Oil help soften the skin.

Step 2. Nourish: Massage Jojoba Everywhere Balm into hands & feet for intense hydration and long lasting barrier protection. This is also great for dry or cracked areas all over the body (except for the face).
Step 3. Infuse: For best results pop on QED's conditioning gloves. In as little as 15 minutes the high quality Cotton-Lycra blend uses your own body heat to help the balm penetrate more rapidly.


  • Jojoba Everywhere Balm, 100g
  • Sweet Almond Revitalising Body Polish, 250g
  • Cotton-Lycra Moisturising Gloves
  • Cotton-Lycra Moisturising Socks