Skincare Kit - Wrinkle Rewind Essentials

The Wrinkle Rewind range is formulated to hydrate dry to very dry and mature skin.  All products within the range contain our Wrinkle Rewind Anti-Ageing Serum which acts as a powerful anti-oxidant resulting in hydrated and smoother skin. This kit contains our Wrinkle Rewind essentials for you to use day & night




Wrinkle Rewind No Rinse Cleansing Milk, 125ml ($28)
Sublime Rosewater Aloe Mist, 125ml ($28)
Wrinkle Rewind Summer Day Cream, 50g ($56)
Wrinkle Rewind Skin Repair Serum, 30ml ($66)


      Normally $178 (Save $28 when you purchase this kit)