As someone who has been advising people how to wash their hands for the past 20 years, I would like to offer some hard truths on the much-publicised topic of hand-washing.

Firstly, let me share some myths & facts ...

So, yes we are being told right now that the way we are going to protect ourselves from Coronavirus is through washing our hands …. THAT IS A FACT! 

BUT are we doing it right? The answer is, sometimes YES & sometimes NO


Not using hand wash when you wash your hands Scientific evidence clearly shows that washing your hands without soap is virtually useless (in terms of killing bacteria & viruses including Coronavirus). Using hand wash is an absolute MUST

Sharing hand towels (especially in public places) Do you know how often people on average people change the hand towels in their bathroom? Good question, neither do I but I can guarantee that it isn’t often enough. PLUS, you may have excellent hand washing technique but can you guarantee that the person who used the towel before you does too?

Putting hand wash on your hand & before your rub it in, it rinses right off with the first splash of water. If you are guilty of this, the soap does nothing for you except use up your hand wash really fast…

Not washing your hands before you eat. Mum was right. Now, more than ever, wash your hands often and definitely before you eat, no matter how young or old you are

DOESN’T MATTER - so don't waste your time or money

Choosing antibacterial or regular hand wash to protect you against Coronavirus? Unless you are about to operate on someone or are immune compromised, there appears to be little benefit to using antibacterial hand wash over regular hand wash. 


Wash your hands, using the correct technique, instead of using Hand Sanitiser (unless you are nowhere near a tap)

Washing your hands with correct technique will offer you the protection you need from Coronavirus transmission.

Use a good quality low-foaming / sensitive-skin hand wash if you are prone to sensitive skin. 

This virus has the potential to be around for a little while longer, which really has the potential to interfere with your skin’s barrier function. So keep your hands, clean and hydrated at the same time.

The QED Hand Wash is super rich in Cucumber Oil and is a NATURAL antibacterial with anti-inflammatory benefits together with promoting cell regeneration. It also contains a complex blend of natural oils for deep hydration & is 100% soap free making it ideal for dry skin.

Start moisturising your hands more

Increased hand washing/ sanitising really does strip your skin. This has the potential to generate cracks in the skins surface, which can allow easier sharing of infections as well as irritate sensitive skin.The QED Hand Lotion & The QED Hand Cream are both formulated to cater for dry skin and those with sensitive skin conditions and are the perfect partners to the Hand Wash.

If you are bored whilst washing your hands, that's a good sign

Apparently 30 seconds is the magic number, or some say, humming the Happy Birthday song to your self twice should do the trick!

How to wash your hands in 4 easy steps ...

  • Wet your hands with water & apply enough hand wash to cover your hands
  • Rub your hands together and clean in between your fingers
  • Rinse your hands thoroughly with water
  • Dry your hands completely with a disposable or clean towel