I live with 3 men, my husband and my 2 giant sons.

At the rapid rate at which my skincare disappears, I know for a fact that they are stealing my supplies. In fact an Olay study found that 78% of men admit to swiping their women’s skincare products. And a Nivea study found that the number was closer to 90%! 

So the guys clearly need/want the products… but they don’t want to buy them. Both Men and Women have skin! Unsurprisingly, most skin concerns can be treated with the same products for all genders. Skincare products are not just about removing makeup or making you look glamorous. They are about keeping your skin clean, clear and healthy looking for the long run.

Yes, skincare products are mostly marketed towards us women. So, which products should men be using/stealing from their womenfolk’s stash?

  • A Face Exfoliator or scrub (with actual granules) It will make their skin look really healthy and can also prevent shaving rash and in-grown hairs, if integrated into their post-shave routine. Exfoliating also feels so good, even on a bristly face.  Encourage them to use it in the shower and then it isn’t even a messy task. I recommend QED Skincare Clarify Shake to Activate Exfoliator.  It’s deliciously refreshing, peppermint and cypress aroma is non-threatening and also anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, so perfect for both breakouts and shaving rash.
  • In summer, I highly recommend cleansing after a day outside to take off sunscreen.  That stuff builds up and can create blackheads and breakouts, which can affect menfolk’s self-esteem just as much as it affects women…. QED Skincare Clarify Shake to Activate Cleanser is in the same fresh woodsy scent and will cut through even waterproof sunscreen as well as taking care of oiliness.
  • A Body Lotion, not cosmetic at all, particularly if they have itchy skin. All QED Skincare Body Products are packaged in gender-neutral, stylish, white and black and are formulated to provide resilience for people with sensitive skin.
  • Your Eye Cream and Moisturiser are also fair game. When men use products they tend to use much more than you would usually use. Probably a good idea to buy them their own so that you don’t find your jar empty when you least expect it. QED Skincare Lite Protect Face Cream and QED Skincare Deep Hydration Face Cream both absorb super-quickly to provide invisible protection and easy, fast application

So perhaps with the Gifting Season fast approaching, it is time to consider buying him his own products.  Or perhaps, buy them “for yourself” and then hint that he might like to try them as they will help his skin…. And then you can give him the gift of good skin and a good relationship (where you aren’t cranky ‘coz someone has been putting their great big fingers in your products and then left the lids off to dry out, grrrr)

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