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QED Skincare Pharmacist Formulated Shoshana Eisner

A long time ago I saw a problem ....

I spent many years working as a community Pharmacist in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and in New York City. Regardless of continent, my clients had the same skin concerns and the same questions .... all wanting targeted solutions to their sensitive skin issues, as natural as possible whilst still appealing to their senses, so still wanting a 'feel good' product over just a 'pharmaceutical' brand ... not hard to find right? Wrong!

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So I decided to do something about it .... 

Having experienced the same issues myself, with 2 young children, I would spend hundreds of dollars trying to find products kind to our skin, that would actually work. It was literally a process of elimination. In frustration, I decided to try out my skills, given my science background, and started making custom products for clients. These products were designed to address specific concerns whilst harnessing the power of active plant-based alternatives (over synthetic ingredients).  

And put the needs of the customer first ...

That said, it was imperative to have both a product that was as clean as possible BUT still had to be effective at addressing the concerns my clients so desperately wanted solutions to.

The feel good factor was an equally important component - the first thing everyone does when they choose skincare, is inhale … the scent. Since I was starting from scratch, I figured that I could try and meet as many of the customer ‘wants’ as possible. We all want something that smells nice right ? or maybe not at all ... but we give our customers the choice of having their skincare unscented or scented choosing from 12 signature scents that are hand blended at time of purchase. Skincare customised to your scent of choice

And a brand was born ...

So as one product led to another ... one scent to another, a clean, sensitive skincare brand was born.

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The Service, Products and staff are number one!

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