The Body Cleanser - body-bathThe Body Cleanser 500ml - body-bath

The Body Cleanser

From $18
Wrinkle Rewind Repair Serum - face-moisturise PSWrinkle Rewind Repair Serum - face-moisturise PS

Wrinkle Rewind Repair Serum

From $42
Ultra-Sensitive Face Balm 50g - face-moisturise PSUltra-Sensitive Face Balm 50g - face-moisturise PS

Ultra-Sensitive Face Balm

From $36
The Body Exfoliator - 60ml mini / wild vanilla + ylang ylang 6 - body-bathThe Body Exfoliator 500g - body-bath

The Body Exfoliator

From $28
The Body Butter - body-moisturiseThe Body Butter - body-moisturise

The Body Butter

The Hand Cream - handsThe Hand Cream - hands

The Hand Cream

From $28
The Hand Wash 500ml - hands

The Hand Wash

Ultra-Sensitive Eye Balm - 15g - face - eyesUltra-Sensitive Eye Balm - face - eyes

Ultra-Sensitive Eye Balm

From $32
The Hand Cream 50g - handsThe Hand Cream 50g - hands

The Hand Cream 50g

The Hand Cream Duo - body-moisturise

The Hand Cream Duo

One of the most distressing symptoms of Sjogren's is extremely dry skin. To help minimise symptoms, use products that will not strip your skin of its natural protective oils by using as richly penetrating moisturisers as possible.  This range of products will help to deeply hydrate skin, increasing comfort, minimising irritation in the most natural way.

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