Choosing your facial is easy with QED
1) Choose the length of treatment express facial
$100/40 mins targeted facial
$120/60 mins – all the benefits of the 40 minute facial extending into the décolletage indulgent facial
$140/80 mins – all the benefits of the 60 minute facial with more time for maximum impact and relaxation
2) Choose the treatment or let us help you choose
Deep Cleanse Facial
combination/oily/blemished skin
This peppermint and cypress facial is designed to clear impurities, even skin texture and reduce congestion. The treatment includes: deep exfoliation, a series of masks with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and skin-healing properties and steam if appropriate
Jojoba Hydrating Facial
normal/dry/dehydrated skin
The perfect pick-me-up for dry skin, this facial focuses on refining the surface of your skin and adding lasting moisture, using steam, masks and massage.
Sensitive Skin Facial
Sensitive & uncomfortable skin
Sensitive skin needs luxury and pampering too. We use specialised low allergen and scent free products with a gentle touch to improve skin evenness and provide lasting moisturisation – well moisturised skin is less likely to flare up.
Pregnancy Facial
for all skin types
As we know, the skin on our face is greatly affected by hormonal surges and nothing sends your hormones nuts quite like pregnancy. This facial was designed specifically for pregnant women, using unscented products or simple essential oils that are safe in pregnancy.
Mens Peppermint Refreshing Facial
for all skin types
Men’s skin has different properties than women’s and as a result needs a different approach. The focus of this facial is on reducing congestion and evening the skin’s surface. This zesty treatment will leave him refreshed and raring to go.
Introductory Mini Facial
$40/20 mins all skin types
This seated mini-facial is the perfect intro treatment, individually customised for your skin’s needs. The treatment lasts 20 minutes and includes deep exfoliation, a mask and a hand treatment. All customers leave with a sample customised to their needs.
This treatment is fully redeemable for product.


Fresh papaya alpha-hydroxy acid resurfacing peel
$85/40mins $340/course of 5 treatments
This resurfacing treatment is designed to improve the texture and appearance of aged skin and dry skin as well as blemished skin. It is based around AHA, Papain (an enzyme found in papaya) and green tea extract. AHA has been proven to increase collagen density and improve the elasticity of your skin. It also has moisturising effects which plump up the skin, improving the appearance of wrinkles. Contrary to the name, your skin does not peel off and there is no downtime. Your skin will look plumped, with a soft glow. It is incredible!
Wrinkle Rewind® anti-aging facial
$150/80 mins for mature skin or prevention
This contour enhancing facial is designed to energise and firm your skin. Accumulated dead skin cells sit in wrinkles, making them more obvious. A combination of masks and massage relax tight muscles and creases and refine the skin’s surface revealing dewy skin beneath. Using steam and massage, moisture is pushed into the skin to reduce further ageing and improve the appearance of your skin. This treatment is performed all the way down to your décolletage and also includes the exquisite eye treat.
Intense Papaya Facial
$170/80 mins RRP$205 (save $35)
This treatment delivers high impact results in a short time. In 80 minute your skin will be deeply cleansed, exfoliated, masked, AHA peeled and hydrated. You will walk out super-relaxed with a fabulously smooth glow! This treatment incorporates a 60 minute QED Signature facial, with a Fresh Papaya AHA Resurfacing Peel built in.
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