From your answers, it appears that your skintype VARIES WITH YOUR HORMONAL CYCLE. What does this mean for you?

12 Rules for taking care of your HORMONALLY DRIVEN Skin

  1. You may need different skincare products at different stages of your cycle. Some people have dramatically variable skintypes, depending on their hormones.  If you have a predictable cycle, it may pay to change to products suitable for combination skin, a few days before your oiliness is expected.  It may seem expensive buying 2 sets of skincare but remember, this means that your products will last twice as long.


2. Never (EVER) use a Foaming Cleanser. Lovely, lathery cleansers which make your skin feel tight are actually stripping your skin.  This means that instead of moisturising your nice, clean skin, your moisturiser has to undo the damage caused by your cleanser.  What a waste…

3. Use a Cleansing Milk or Oil. Your skin will look so much dewier.

4. Ideally use a no-rinse cleanser. Water, unfortunately is not your friend.  Ironically it can draw moisture out of your skin.


5. Don’t be scared of oils in your skincare.  The right oils are your friends.    You want oils which will slip off the excess oil, without penetrating (or it would make it oilier)

6. Use a low-foaming cleanser (definitely Sulphate free) Big lathery cleansers which make your skin feel tight are actually stripping your skin.  This can sometimes cause your skin to produce more oil.

7. Choose products that are designed to re-balance oily skin, you don't want anything too stripping/aggressive as that may push your skin to produce more oil.

8. Oily areas don't require moisturiser. Only apply moisturiser to the dry areas of your face.  The oily areas of your face are already producing enough moisture all by themselves. 


9. Thou Shalt Not Over-exfoliate.  Once or twice a week is enough.

10. Avoid aggressively towelling you face dry. Pat dry gently instead with a clean towel.  Don’t even think about drying your clean face with the handtowel everyone in your family uses…. Probably best not to think about it…

11. When you buy products for the first time, try sample sizes or products with guarantees. Don’t you already have endless products which were meant to work, or worked well for someone else.  It’s depressing & a huge waste of money…

12. Sometimes Oily skin with a lot of pimples requires further intervention. Some skin issues are caused by internal factors, primarily hormones.  The right skincare can help in these situations but sometimes they are not enough. 

12 Rules for taking care of your Skin which changes with your cycle