Smooth and flawless skin - we all want it, but achieving a clear complexion is often easier said than done when you suffer from congested skin. Whether it appears in the form of acne, clogged pores, black/white heads or a combination of all the above, congestion can often affect our confidence as time goes on with the prospect of achieving clear skin, an impossible dream when you seem to have tried everything on the market!

Luckily, there is hope! In fact, if you take the time to get to know your skin and follow a few top skin care tips (and avoid certain products), you’ll be sporting a clear complexion before you know it.

What is congested skin?

Congestion is the build-up of dead skin cells, sweat, impurities, and sebum in the pores. As this debris builds up, if it's unable to leave the skin it becomes trapped and leads to blackheads, uneven skin texture and pimples.

what causes skin congestion?

There are several factors that may cause your skin to be congested including a poor cleansing routine, under or over-exfoliating, using the incorrect skincare but most likely “over-active" oil glands triggered by hormones and genetics (thanks  Mum & Dad)

3 easy steps to treat congested skin 

Double Cleanse

Double Cleanse skin properly with a cleanser that does not strip your skin (you know that tight feel, it's actually not a good thing).  So avoid products that contain sulphates, soap and harsh foaming agents. Using "strong" foamy cleansers can be tempting when desperate to remove excess oil, however, stripping your skin of all oil can also make your skin think it is dry & so it produces even more oil - and so the cycle starts. Ideally, cleanse your face & neck area morning & night, using a clean washcloth. 

Exfoliate, but not too much

Exfoliate your skin twice a week - no more as over-exfoliating can cause your skin to think it is under attack, again, triggering more oil production.  Avoid the same ingredients in your exfoliator as in your cleanser. Exfoliating removes built up congestion and debris. Routine exfoliation will help to keep the skin clear of blackheads & avoiding future breakouts.


Though it may seem counter-intuitive, sealing moisture into congested skin that’s been cleansed and exfoliated can help restore balance to oil-prone areas. Look for gentle fragrance-free moisturisers to help restore the moisture barrier of your face.

We have a range of products specifically formulated to help combat congested skin in the gentlest way possible. View the range Oily + Breakout Prone 


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