The Body Cleanser - body-bathThe Body Cleanser 500ml - body-bath

The Body Cleanser

From $18
The Body Exfoliator - 60ml mini / wild vanilla + ylang ylang 6 - body-bathThe Body Exfoliator 500g - body-bath

The Body Exfoliator

From $28
The Bath Oil - 60ml mini / unscented - body-bathThe Bath Oil - 500ml / unscented - body-bath

The Bath Oil

From $32
Enjoy the few moments you get to yourself and indulge in using products that are good for your skin.  The QED range of bath & shower products are all scent customisable ... so select knowing you are using plant based natural ingredients that will hydrate whilst having the enjoyment of choosing from 12 signature scents that make your choice - yours !

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