Why use a No Rinse Cleanser? You can save your sensitive skin by removing one step from your cleansing routine - WATER and in the process save time, water and your skin!  

Washing your face with water is actually bad for your skin as it strips the moisture from often already dehydrated skin. By removing water from your routine and using a hydrating cleanser, you will deeply cleanse and remove makeup whilst treating your skin at the same time.  Cleansing is actually the most important step in your skincare regimen (& the most ignored).  Most people are using cleansers/facewash that strip and damage their skin, leaving a huge task for their moisturisers”

No-Rinse Cleansers are easy to use and once you try, you will become addicted to the positive effects on your skin and its hydration. Simply massage a couple of pumps-worth into your face and use a cotton pad or cloth to wipe off.  Your skin will look & feel clean & soft immediately.  NO RINSING REQUIRED. This regimen should be repeated day and night then followed with an application of moisturiser