From your answers, it appears that your skintype is NORMAL. What does this mean for you?

6 Rules for taking care of your NORMAL Skin

1. Avoid using a Foaming Cleanser. Lovely, lathery cleansers which make your skin feel tight are actually stripping your skin.  This can actually push your skin into becoming dry.

2. Use a Cleansing Milk. Your skin will look so much dewier

3. Ideally use a no-rinse cleanser. Water, unfortunately is not your friend.  Ironically it can draw moisture out of your skin.

4. Thou Shalt Not Over-exfoliate.  Once or twice a week is plenty.

5. Avoid aggressively towelling you face dry. You will be wiping away moisture.  Pat dry gently instead with a clean towel.  Don’t even think about drying your clean face with the handtowel everyone in your family uses…. Probably best not to think about it…

6. When you buy products for the first time, try sample sizes or products with guarantees. Don’t you already have endless products which were meant to work, or worked well for someone else.  It’s depressing & a huge waste of money…

      I hope these rules help you manage your skin better.  I think they also open up many other questions, like:  What are Sulphates anyway?  What oils are good oils for Normal Skin?  Which ingredients in Skincare should I avoid?  To find out more about your skin & skincare, look out for the occasional newsletter from us. 

      6 Rules for taking care of Normal Skin