From your answers, it appears that your main skin concern is AGING, and your skin is also VERY DRY. What does this mean for you?

8 Rules for your AGING Skin, which is also VERY DRY

1. Use the richest possible products. When you increase the moisture in your skin, your skin plumps up and dries out less.  (Avoid products that feel rich but sit on the outside of your skin, like lanolin, mineral oil)  Oh, and your skin will look better too

2. Choose a product with anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants defend your skin from external attack.

3. Never (EVER) use a Foaming Cleanser. Lovely, lathery cleansers which make your skin feel tight are actually stripping your skin.  This means that instead of moisturising your nice, clean skin, your moisturiser has to undo the damage caused by your cleanser.  What a waste…

4. Use a Cleansing Milk or Oil. Your skin will look so much dewier (& be less likely to flare up)

5. Ideally use a no-rinse cleanser. Water, unfortunately is not your friend.

6. Thou shalt exfoliate twice a week.  A gentle scrub twice a week will buff away dead, dull skincells which tend to accumulate with very dry skin.

7. Avoid aggressively towelling you face dry. Pat dry instead with a clean towel.  Don’t even think about drying your clean face with the handtowel everyone in your family uses…. Probably best not to think about it…

8. When you buy products for the first time, try sample sizes or products with guarantees. People with sensitive skin tend to have endless cupboards full of products which were meant to work, or worked well for someone else.  It’s depressing & a huge waste of money…

      I hope these rules help you manage your skin better.  I think they also open up many other questions, like:  What are Sulphates anyway?  What oils are good oils for Aging Skin?  Which ingredients in Skincare should I avoid?  To find out more about your skin & skincare, look out for the occasional newsletter from us. 

      8 Rules for taking care of skin which is Aging as well as very dry