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We are looking for honest QED reviews from you using a visual medium, either photos or videos.

 Here's what we're looking for

A before and after photo or video.

Already a loyal customer? Or Don't have any before and after photos?

Why not show us how you use QED Skincare as part of your skincare routine.
It can be in a photo or video format in the morning or just before bedtime.
OR you can simply take a selfie of yourself holding one of our QED products.

What you can earn

$25 Gift Card
Video of you using a QED Product
 $15 Gift Card
Photo of you using a QED product
 $10 Gift Card
Photo of you and a QED product

How to enter

To enter, simply create your content and tag us on Instagram @qedskincare using the hashtag #iloveQED or #whyiloveQED

Important T&C's

*By sending us your photos and videos, you give us permission to use them on our website, social media profiles and other platforms
*One of each Gift Card per person (maximum $50)
*Vouchers redeemable on product only
*Products & Faces must be clear, legible, not blurry and easy to identify as a QED product
*Images that don't comply with the above will not be eligible for Gift Cards