Where are we? Parking options & Public transport...
We are located at:
  QED Skincare
  Shop 1/11 Bellevue Rd 
  Bellevue Hill, NSW 2023
  (02) 9388-9397

Where are we? Parking options & Public transport...There is plenty of parking around but right in front is 1 Hr only (& the Parking rangers do seem to prowl around here a lot & a ticket is a very UNRELAXING end to a very relaxing visit).  So I have included a map which shows 2 Hr & unlimited parking options, all within a few minutes walk.

Public Transport-wise, the map also contains the bus lines which will get you here.  If you are not on one of these lines, it is best to catch the train to Bondi Junction & then either walk (15 mins) or catch one of the buses which take you to Bellevue Hill Public School (these run every 5-10 mins & the journey is 5 mins).