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Besides being wasteful, using too much of a good thing might actually be bad for your skin. On the other hand, using too little may mean that you are under-treating (also a giant waste!). You may be surprised at how little or how much of some products you actually need for your skin to reap the benefits.

We want you to get the very best out of using your skincare so here's a guide on how much you should be using:

This image also gives valuable clues about if you are using the right products for you ... right now???

If you find that you need more than a small coin-size dab of face cream (in order to protect your entire face), this is a sign that you should consider:

* Do you need to switch to a richer face cream? 

* Are you using the wrong cleanser, which is stripping your skin and forcing your poor face cream to work even harder?

A clue that you are using too little face cream is if you use it once a day and it lasts more than 2 months. Using too little product means that you are depriving your skin of the protection it needs.

And a BIG face cream exception is where you have oily areas (skip this rule if this isn't you).  Any oily areas of your face are making enough oil of their own, so skip the oily areas, when applying moisturiser. (and then obviously your face cream will last a lot longer than 2 months)

In wintertime, (which really means many different things depending on what part of the country you are in). This also means that your skin's needs can change dramatically. Your skin's demands on your face cream are the most likely to change with seasons.

Hormonal factors like puberty, pregnancy, periods, menopause, illness & medication change can change your skin's demands on all of your products.

(Also obviously, if you are wearing a lot of makeup, you may need to use more cleanser to get your skin really clean.)

Feel like you need to review your skincare? Use our Skin Analyser or book in for a Zoom Consult.

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