From wrinkles to bags, dark circles and puffiness, the eye area will show it all!  Somehow all the stresses of life are magnified in this central area of our face.  Ironically, our eyes are our most “eye-catching” feature!

Why do I need an eye cream vs a normal moisturiser?

Simply put, the skin of your eye area is different to the skin of your face. It is far more delicate and the skin in this area is much thinner.  Fact – Have you ever noticed that you never get pimples in this area of your face? That is because there are minimal oil glands here - less oil glands means less natural protection therefore making the eye area more prone to dryness, fine lines plus the earliest signs of aging.

So the eye area needs a “heavier-duty” cream to protect and fight the signs of aging, whilst at the same time being light enough to absorb into the delicate skin.

What should my eye cream accomplish?

A good eye cream has two purposes.  One is to improve the appearance of your eye area, making you look fresh, rested and youthful.  Its second purpose is to protect against future damage.   A good eye cream with the right hydrating ingredients should reduce the appearance of fine lines helping plump this area and promote a dewy appearance but most importantly provide nutrients to prevent further damage.

The right ingredients in your eye cream can also reduce dark shadows, brighten and generally improve the youthfulness of your appearance.

How do I choose the right eye cream?

As with all skin care, choosing the right eye cream for you is very personal but should target all your concerns.  There are many creams on the market and much of the decision making comes down to your preferred texture and feel. Don’t be fooled by fancy ingredients and instead look for natural ingredients which are antioxidant rich.  If you are prone to irritation, avoid eye creams with added scent which can also cause dryness and potentially more damage and wrinkles.

How should I apply an eye cream?

The texture of the eye cream will depend on your preference and determine how it should be applied.  A light texture which is formulated to not drag the skin should be gently swept around the eye area. Thicker eye cream should be tapped on, in order to prevent dragging & damage to this delicate area.