There are so many different serums available on the market and it's confusing to understand what they really do and how they 'sit' in your skincare regime. To add to the confusion, different serums serve different purposes and therefore will benefit the skin in different ways. So how can serums help you?

One of the very first products I developed was the Wrinkle Rewind Repair Serum. An oil-based serum formulated from highly effective plant-based oils.

As a sensitive skin girl myself, I tried many serums to target my own skin sensitivities and dry skin. Their success was questionable on my sensitive skin and didn’t address my skin's major concern – boosting hydration. So this led me on my explorative journey to finding the right ingredients and formulation to make up the perfect serum for dry and aging skin which was also kind to sensitive skin.

So, what is a serum?

A serum, as it should be, is a concentrated skin booster designed to directly target and help treat a specific skin concern by penetrating deep into the skin to deliver its potency.

Do serums do the same as moisturisers?

Yes and No. Your moisturiser's main job is to moisturise your skin and treat your skincare concern. The serum's job is to boost the performance of your moisturiser and depending on what the serum is made up of, will depend on how this is done.


Gel serums are water-based and oil serums are oil-based. Neither being oil-based, nor water-based will determine their absorption and benefit into your skin. It depends on the actual ingredients.


The beauty of an oil-based serum is that it can be formulated out of 100% actives. It needs no preservatives and emulsifiers to keep it from breaking down or growing microorganisms. This keeps the ingredient list down, which means it is much less likely to trigger a reaction in sensitive skin. PLUS, of course our skin barrier is actually oil-based.

Here is a little experiment you can do right now. Spill a few drops of water on your arm, it will roll right off & even if you try to rub it in, no amount of effort will make it absorb, because we are essentially waterproof. Conversely, when you spill a few drops of serum on your arm, it will absorb almost immediately. And using an oil-based serum (made of the right ingredients) means that all the good ingredients are absorbed quick-smart through the barrier.

 Will an oil-based serum make my skin too oily?

Not if you choose the right one containing the right oils! We all know there are oils and then there are oils … PLUS, you only need a few drops to cover your entire face.

Oils have been the secret beauty elixir used for centuries - in fact the Ancient Egyptians used plant-based Oils in their beauty routines to keep their skin looking dewy and youthful.

When should you opt for an oil-based serum?

If you have any of these skin concerns, you will benefit from a quality, plant-based oil serum:

- Dry Skin
- Anti-Aging
- Eczema
- Psoriasis
- Flaky Skin
- Sjogren’s
- Very reactive skin

The QED Wrinkle Repair Serum

The Repair Serum is a uniquely formulated oil-based serum made up of a blend of powerful botanical oils. These oils have varying size molecules so the smaller ones will penetrate quickly deep into the skin whilst the others stay a bit longer, penetrate more slowly and by doing so, protect your moisturiser from evaporation. This in turn allows your moisturiser to work more efficiently and keeps skin looking hydrated, nourished and dewy throughout the day.

The Wrinkle Rewind Repair Serum is formulated with a blend of plant-based oils each having its own purpose:

  • Camellia Oil is an antioxidant powerhouse ingredient which will help fight free radicals to prevent the signs of aging and help regenerate the skin.
  • Evening Primrose Oil provides skin building blocks to help regenerate the skin whilst providing deep hydration.
  • The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of Rosehip Oil are famous for their skin repair and regeneration effects. This unique formula penetrates deeply to restore moisture, clarity & glow to your face, skin & neck.
  • Vitamin E helps support a healthy skin barrier protecting the skin and helping lock in hydration.

This unique combination is formulated to penetrate deeply, restoring plump, smooth, dewy, comfortable, soft skin to your face, skin & neck The combination of these plant-based oils render the Repair Serum perfect for sensitive skin.

Can I apply makeup after applying the QED Serum?

Absolutely. Just wait 2 minutes and apply your make up as you normally would. The serum will keep toiling beneath your makeup to keep your skin protected and smoothed throughout the day.

How often should the QED Serum be used?

I recommend ideally morning and night depending on your skin type and your skin concerns.

Can the QED serum be used around the eyes?

Definitely in fact we have the Wrinkle Rewind Repair Serum in a roller ball which can be used safely around the eye area. It releases just the right amount of serum and the rollerball will gently massage this delicate area helping reduce the appearance of puffiness and pesky fine lines.

What else can I use the QED Serum for ?

The Wrinkle Rewind Repair Serum is formulated for scar and stretch mark restoration and can be used 3-4 times a day for scar repair .

If your skin concern is anti-aging, then I strongly suggest adding a serum to your routine.

How to Use the Wrinkle Rewind Repair Serum

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