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Manspace | November 2020

I’ve spoken about it a couple times already, but since hitting my mid-30s I’ve really come around to using skincare products to, well, look after my skin a little more.

One thing I’ve found when looking at the vast range of skincare products is some require quite a few steps to get the most out of the stuff. I’m not really about that, so when QED released its no-rinse range, I knew it was right up my alley.

Having a blocked drain in my ensuite during lockdown was another factor in deciding to try the range. Given I often couldn’t be bothered walking to the other bathroom down the hall to wash my hands or face after using product meant this range was perfect for me. Just rub it in and jump into bed. Easy!

QED was formulated to target  specific skin needs with the most sensitive of skin in mind.  Whether it’s eczema, psoriasis or just overly oily skin, the company offer targeted skincare solutions that address the core issue, rather than just quick fixes.

Each and every product developed has been dermatologically tested on humans, trialled and then re tested.  This stuff is fully backed by  science – no fluff, just a simple, scientific approach to skincare.

For those who care about nature and the environment (which should be everyone), QED use clean, plant based active ingredients.  They blend natural ingredients with non-toxic alternatives to create safe, high performance products free of Parabens, Mineral Oils, Sulphates and Formaldehyde.

All products are 100% Australian designed, formulated & made too.

No-rinse range




Editor of ManSpace magazine, Justin Felix has a thing for outdoor adventures, craft beers, fishing and typewriters.


Name: Justin ‘hop tart’ Felix
Beer experience: Super welterweight
Style preference: IPA and pale ales
Beers I avoid: Anything that doesn’t deliver a punch of flavour. Smack me in the face with it.
Beer philosophy: It’s about quality, not quantity... but I’ll happily try as many as it takes to find what I’m looking for.