Must have beauty care products ready for 2021

 Shiny D.

How much time do you think (or don’t) about the right skincare routine. I’m not saying you have to drop half your paycheck on a face serum, but you do have to invest time, patience, and yes, perhaps a little cash, when it comes to curating a skincare routine that works for you.

Where does one even start? There’s a whole lotta noise out there and it can be tricky to seperate the fads to actual products the works for you.

Here are a couple of products we have tested and enjoyed.

QED Skincare
Clarify Shake To Activate Cleanser: Highly recommend cleansing after a day outside to take off sunscreen and recycled office air. That stuff builds up and can create blackheads and breakouts. A fresh woodsy scent and will cut through even waterproof sunscreen as well as taking care of oiliness.

Clarify Shake to Activate Exfoliator: It will make your skin look really healthy and can also prevent shaving rash and in-grown hairs, if integrated into your post-shave routine (I tend to use this in the the shower). Deliciously refreshing, peppermint and cypress aroma is non-threatening and also anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

Lite Protect Face Cream: Ultra-lightweight daily moisturising cream will brilliantly soften & hydrate your skin. Made with a custom blend of natural cold-pressed oils, it’s packed with antioxidant Vitamins A, C & E to protect & nourish.

Deep Hydration Face Cream: A rich, non–greasy face cream formulated to achieve maximum hydration levels without leaving residual oil or shine on the skin. Packed with Jojoba oil which is deeply hydrating and Green Tea to promote antioxidant + skin-soothing properties.