Anyone looking for a professional, high-quality facial treatment should consider having a facial at QED Skincare. This includes individuals with specific skin issues that require expert attention, as the beauty therapists at QED Skincare are highly skilled in identifying and addressing various skin concerns. They are known for their honesty and provide suggestions for improving skin health, making the service suitable for those who need ongoing skincare solutions.

People seeking a relaxing and pampering experience will also benefit from a facial at QED Skincare. The calming and nurturing environment created by the staff is frequently mentioned in our reviews. The option to customise aspects of the experience, such as choosing fragrances and music, makes this an ideal choice for those looking for a personalised spa-like experience.

Additionally, individuals who want to see a positive impact on their skin can benefit from a facial at QED Skincare. The thorough cleaning, extraction, and mask steps of the facial process, combined with the use of gentle products, have led to many customers noticing their skin becoming more radiant, plumped, and improved after their treatments. 

And even people with extremely sensitive skin can relax into a restorative facial. The QED Facial can be performed using the Ultra-Sensitive Range. These gentle products are both soothing and non-irritating for sensitive skin, as mentioned in multiple reviews. All QED treatments are designed to be gentle on sensitivities while still effectively addressing various skin concerns. The calming and relaxing environment during the facial further enhances the soothing experience for customers with sensitive skin. 

Finally, QED Skincare is ideal for those who appreciate customisation and variety in their facial treatments. The availability of various facial options, including the highly recommended Signature Facial, as well as treatments with added features such as hot rocks and AHA peels, caters to a wide range of preferences and skincare needs.