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Our Ultra-Sensitive Face Balm has won both First Place & Editors Choice in this year's Clean & Conscious Awards. @CleanandConscious_Awards.

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"There is so much I love about this product which I use every day to manage my sensitive, dry skin."

- Shoshana Eisner, QED Founder & Pharmacist

What the Expert Panel had to say about our Ultra-Sensitive Face Balm.

Jessica Teas Bio
"This balm is like butter. It’s so lovely, with an almost whipped texture like frosting, it’s entirely fragrance and scent free and glides right onto and into the skin. It melts and disperses very quickly into the skin and leaves a pleasantly non-greasy finish. I used it as a face treatment, makeup remover, lip balm, deep moisturizer and it worked a treat for all applications. It feels like even the most sensitised skin could handle this balm. The sleek white pot also looks fantastic sitting on the bathroom benchtop.
It came with minimal packaging, which was wonderful – Less to throw in the bin! They use only three types of packaging, all of which are easily recyclable or reusable and it’s wonderful that they are palm-oil free. Like last year, I’m really pleased that their charitable efforts are mostly directed towards women and children."
Amanda Ramsay image
"A truly multi-purpose, instantly soothing balm, this QED Skincare ultra sensitive face balm was a lifesaver. It is a must-have for anyone with sensitive, sensitised, distressed, chapped skin. Works instantly to really soothe and I loved the tip of keeping it in the fridge!

I think they’re also making all the right adjustments and efforts without compromising quality and effectiveness. I particularly love their commitment to contributing to cancer, youth and mental health charities!"

"This is a powerhouse cream for very dry skin. It melts on your finger tips for easy application and improves dryness almost immediately. It also protects the skin against the harsh winter climate.

I also appreciate their strong commitment to sustainability and sourcing of quality ingredients."