Different skin-types benefit from using different exfoliators.

Oily, congested skin benefits from a more assertive exfoliator, which will help buff away bumps, dirt and blackheads.  For very oily or pimply skin, I recommend Clarify Shake to Activate Exfoliator twice a week.

Formulated with finely ground walnut shells to buff away ingrained dirt and congestion. Peppermint & Cypress oils will soothe inflammation, fight blemishes & stabilise oil production leaving your skin feeling refreshed & noticeably clearer.

Maturing Skin benefits from regular gentle polishing.  Aging skin tends to be more delicate.  It also tends to be drier, which in turn can trigger early skin cell death and dullness.  So it needs a gentle buffing once or twice a week.  I recommend Wrinkle Rewind Exfoliator.

Formulated with spherical Jojoba Beads to gently buff away dead skin cells and debris. This product is formulated with the Wrinkle Rewind Repair Serum to hydrate, soften, plump and protect skin against environmental damage.

Ultra-sensitive skin needs a very gentle exfoliator.  For very sensitive skin, I recommend the Ultra-sensitive Exfoliating Balm as the spherical Jojoba beads are very gentle on delicate skin and it's water-free balm formulation is extremely protective.


QED Skincare Deep Hydration Exfoliator
Dry Skin is flaky and rough and as such really benefits from a twice weekly exfoliation with the Deep Hydration Exfoliator.  Walnut granules effortlessly remove dirt and dead skin cells. Jojoba Oil features prominently to deeply hydrate and Green Tea Extract provides antioxidant protection.
Normal skin (as in rarely breaks out anymore, yet if you use products which are too rich, will develop blemishes) can benefit from exfoliating twice a week. I recommend the Lite Protect Exfoliator. Walnut Shell Granules are the exfoliating heroes, buffing away dead skin cell accumulation and debris.  Hazelnut Oil is mildly astringent to reduce pore size but also provides light protective hydration.  This combination cleans, softens and hydrates without pushing into breakouts.



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