If you're thinking to yourself, "I am religious about moisturising, so why does my skin seem so dull and flaky?" - You are not alone!

Thanks to those cold temperatures, windy outdoor conditions and the dry hot air from our heaters, winter goes hand in hand with dull, flaky skin. 

Facial moisturisers are usually one of the most expensive skincare products that we use regularly.  We are prepared to invest our time and money in good moisturiser before anything else.  Yet most of us are applying moisturiser all wrong!

"What a load of rubbish" you are now thinking.  "Everyone knows how to use face cream.  I even read the instructions.  You apply it to clean skin and it softens, plumps and protects."

Yes, in theory this is how it works.  In reality, most of the time we are not seeing the results we expect and I am going to tell you why.

Our skin cells have approximately a 30 day life cycle.  As the cells die off, they accumulate on the skin's surface, looking flaky and dull, which makes us looks bad. What is way worse is that these drab, dry micro-flakes sitting on the surface of our skin then behave like little sponges, absorbing most of the luscious, protective moisturiser we are applying to our face. This means that our most valuable skincare product is not getting to our live skin cells below, where we NEED them to do their hydrating, plumping and protecting.

So we have ended up with plumped dead skin sitting dully on our face and neglected live skin cells below, which end up dehydrating and ironically dying out faster ... A truly vicious cycle.

So what can we do about it?  There is an easy solution and that is regularly exfoliating, especially in wintertime.

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