Slugging is taking the internet by storm with Beauty Influencers crediting Slugging for their softest skin ever! Even highly respected Beauty Editors and Dermatologists are jumping on the "Slugging" Bandwagon, although their suggested method is a bit different, the concept remains the same.  In a nutshell, although the term may be currently "on trend", I've been adopting the practice for many years and swear by it. 

What are the different versions of Slugging?

The Tiktok version

The Tiktoker's slather their face in a layer of Vaseline Jelly and go to bed.  They admit that although it may ruin your pillowcase, their skin feels very soft in the morning.  Vaseline Jelly is otherwise known as Petroleum Jelly, a by-product of the refinery process and does not penetrate the skin at all.  It literally sits on the surface as a barrier and will prevent evaporation of moisture which may account for some of the smoothing effect.  It will make your skin feel smooth and soft in the morning as a thin film will remain on the skin, like a lubricant however it may also cause breakouts by blocking your pores.  It ruins your pillowcase because it literally doesn't absorb into your skin, instead, as you move throughout the night, it will absorb into your hair & bedding. 

The Beauty Editor/Dermatologist version  

They recommend slugging as the last step of your night-time skincare routine. You apply your quality night creams and serum and then follow it with the Vaseline Jelly.  The Vaseline Jelly still won't penetrate but in this version, prevents evaporation of your products, pushing them into your skin. This gets you much better results out of your skincare.  Still really messy.  Still ruins your bedding and hair and may still cause breakouts by blocking the pores.

The QED Version [and the version I practice]

To clean skin, apply a thick layer of the Ultra-Sensitive Face Balm. This Balm is a natural penetrable balm made from bioavailable plants: Hazelnut Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E. Your face will look shiny for a little while and then the product will slowly absorb into your skin whilst you sleep, preventing moisture-loss and pushing the rich hydration deep into your skin. Big Results. Your bedding is safe. Your pores are safe.

What are the benefits of Slugging [the QED way]

Super-Hydration. Plumping. Soft Skin. Fine lines are less obvious. More Resilient skin.  Less Flare ups of Irritation. Makeup will even sit better.  All these benefits, with minimal effort. (TRULY!)

Ultra-sensitive face balm texture shot

How often should you be Slugging?

Slugging is a great pick-me-up for Dry skin. My skin has been super-dry due to hormonal changes and so I have been Slugging using the QED Ultra-Sensitive Face Balm twice weekly for a few weeks now. My dry, sensitive skin has loved it.  It feels soft and smooth in the morning and is all round less sensitive.

Although Slugging is a practice you can adopt all year round, it's especially beneficial during the cold, less humid winter months that tend to leave your skin feeling dry, irritated and dull.

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The Slugging 1,2,3

Step 1 - Cleanse

Skin with makeup, sweat and dirt on it, will block the impact of slugging, so always start with clean skin.

Step 2 - Apply the Ultra Sensitive Face Balm

Now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for! Apply a thick layer of the Ultra-Sensitive Face Balm to your skin. (Don't forget about your neck and décolletage.)  Smooth it over your skin and don't worry about looking shiny - that's the goal!

Now go to sleep with the knowledge that the Balm is slowly working and absorbing as you sleep.

Step 3 - Wake up and enjoy

When you wake up in the morning you will notice your skin is dewy and silky smooth. It may still have some residual shine. That's ok. Cleanse your skin as you normally would and start your day with youthful, dewy, soft and protected skin.

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