Medically speaking, foaming cleansers are a disaster for people with sensitive skin (or even just dry skin) as they strip all of the skin’s natural protection. You know that squeaky, tight, clean feeling we associate with clean skin? That is actually the feeling of stripped (drier) skin.

Even washing your skin with water will leach much-needed moisture out of your skin.

So basically, washing your face with a traditional face cleanser, which is the first step in a skin routine, makes your skin drier.  And then we apply a small amount of our (oh so expensive) moisturiser to that stripped skin.  And instead of your moisturiser, moisturising your baseline skin condition, it first has to undo the damage caused by your cleanser. (That is a lot of responsibility for a tiny dab of cream).

So I thought of a water-less skin cleansing system. (Ok, I didn't make that up.  Ask your grandma about cleansing with cold cream).

And different skin types, need different levels of moisture.  So I created four different No Rinse Cleansers.  Each of them effortlessly skims off dirt and makeup, leaving soft, protected, clean skin. Skin which is happy.  And your moisturiser will be happier too as it doesn't have to clean up after your face wash's dirty work.  Click here to browse the options.

AND the added benefit is that your skin absorbs the amazing actives, rather them literally rinsing them down down the drain. 

How do I use my No Rinse Cleanser? My cleanser sits in my bedside table with either a stack of cotton rounds or a large microfibre cloth. I squirt the cleanser onto a pad/ cloth and absent-mindedly rub it all over my face. And then repeat with a new pad or corner of the cloth until the cloth wipes clean.  It will even take off waterproof makeup.

And yes, I use it in the morning too.  This time in the bathroom in front of a mirror but one swipe is enough as my skin is lovely and clean from my bed-cleanse last night.  And my poor moisturiser works better too as it no longer needs to work so damn hard to make up for the stripping it used to have to deal with when I used cleansing wipes or a traditional cleanser.

How do I know that my skin is actually clean? The next swipe with your cloth across your skin will be clear.  Think of it like using a cleansing wipe, EXCEPT, it is good for your skin.  Your skin will feel soft and clean and nourished.  And yes, ideally you should follow it up with a moisturiser. BUT, if you are in a huge hurry and don't have time time to moisturise (kids, work, fallen asleep) at least your skin will be somewhat nourished.

Which No Rinse Cleanser is right for you?

The Lite Protect No Rinse Cleanser is for Normal to combination skin, features Hazelnut Oil as it it protects whilst actually tightening pores, so it won’t cause you to break out.  The Deep Hydration No Rinse Cleanser uses Jojoba Oil, to provide intense hydration for Dry Skin.  The Wrinkle Rewind No Rinse Cleanser features a combination of Rosehip Oil, Camellia Oil and Evening Primrose Oil for intense anti-oxidant protection and skin repair for Aging Skin. The Ultra-Sensitive Treatment Cleansing Oil uses a combination of Jojoba Oil and Glycerine to deeply nourish, reduce flare-ups and boost resilience in Very Sensitive skin.



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