Buy this Body Balm and you can toss out at least 10 other products!

The over-achiever Body Balm is one of the first products I developed and remains a QED cult favourite some 13 years later.

Why? Because it works so freaking brilliantly. And it is so versatile. And although its superpower is demolishing dryness, it is gentle enough to use on super-sensitive skin.  It is even gentle enough to use on newborns. 

And did I mention how good it smells?  It is available Unscented or in 3 gorgeous scents. But, let me tell you - even the unscented body balm has a delicious, white chocolatey aroma, thanks to Cocoa Butter. 

A little also goes a LONG way- I know I am not meant to have favourite products (or children) but ...

It's full name is the Ultra-Sensitive Body Balm as it suitable for even very sensitive skin but we usually just call it The Body Balm as it is brilliant for any dry situation.


 #1. Dry Skin Saviour

The Body Balm can be used almost anywhere on the body. It is a super-powerful body moisturiser that melts deeply into the skin, delivering long-lasting protection and hydration.  In the chill of winter, it is a necessity for everyone. And yes, it is perfect for the most sensitive skin. Apply the balm at night and wake up to soft, dewy skin.


#2. Best for Bubs

Made from 100% natural, safe plant oils, The Unscented Ultra-Sensitive Body Balm has the perfect texture for baby massage.  Massage is brilliant for calming an unhappy little one and this product delivers super-soft, protected hands to the masseur too.  The Body Balm creates a barrier when applied to the nappy area to help prevent nappy rash. In addition, it is formulated to soothe and prevent red, chafed areas, which often occur in the folds or in baby eczema.

#3. Cure dry cuticles

Treat dry, cracked cuticles by massaging the tiniest amount of The Body Balm into your cuticles once or twice a day. A tiny amount goes a long way and your nails will look and feel like wonderful. No more picking at dry, cracked skin.

#4. A bit of love for your lips

Dry and chapped lips are a curse during the colder months and sometimes the products we apply to our lips, make it worse. Many lipsticks and lip glosses are not great for cracked lips and then dry them out even further.

The Body Balm sorts out dry, chapped lips in no time as the Shea Butter will penetrate deeply and quickly to restore calm. Apply as many times as day as your lips demand. You will see the product melt into your lips to do its magic. Your lips will feel luscious, and you'll also notice your lipstick will glide easily onto healthy, well-hydrated lips.

#5. An intensive treatment for your hands

The Ultra-Sensitive Body Balm delivers an intensive and low-effort hand treatment, particularly when coupled with a pair of cotton gloves.

Use to treat super dry, sensitive or even cracked hands, infusing your hands with much-needed hydration and protection.This is a necessity for new parents, childcare workers, medical staff, hairdressers and anyone who has their hands in water often.

Use anytime during the day or night when you have time to relax and let the treatment do its work. 

Simply massage a liberal amount of The Body Balm into hands and immediately pop on cotton gloves. The Jojoba and Shea Butter will melt straight into the skin giving instant powerful, hydration for even the most sensitive and dry of skin types. Try the QED Hand Treatment Kit which includes The Body Balm and a pair of cotton gloves - your hands will feel the difference immediately.

#6. Reducing pregnancy itch & stretch marks

It's really important to keep the skin on our tummy moisturised and supple as it expands with pregnancy.  It's this expansion that causes "pregnancy itch" and stretch marks.  Keeping the skin well nourished encourages a gentler stretch and thus less itch and marks. 

To help stop itchy belly during pregnancy, apply a little Body Balm onto the itchy area. The Cocoa Butter in the balm safely and instantly stops the itch. Regular use will keep the skin well hydrated and this in turn will prevent that irritating itchiness. 

To help prevent stretch marks, massage The Body Balm into your tummy as early as possible into pregnancy so your skin remains supple as it starts to stretch.

The all-natural plant-based ingredients in The Body Balm render them totally safe to use during pregnancy and I would suggest opting for the Unscented option. 

#7. Extend your spray tan

If you want to keep that healthy glow for as long as possible, the number 1 rule is to start with will hydrated skin and then keep it up!  The pure oil formula of The Body Balm literally prevents your shower from washing away your tan.  This will not only help keep colour "locked in" but avoid that weird streakiness some of us develop after a few days when the tan seems to fade unevenly!

 #8. Heal your dry heels

Extreme weather can have a major effect our feet. Dry, cracked heels are not only unsightly but can also be quite painful. Even a tiny heel crack can make every step agony!

Dry and cracked heels require a moisturiser that locks in hydration and not just something topical.  At night following a bath or shower, massage a liberal amount of The Body Balm into your heels and feet and pop on a pair of cotton bed socks. Whilst sleeping, the Shea, Cocoa Butter and Jojoba will work their hydration magic and you'll wake to super soft heels and feet. For best results, repeat this treatment a couple of times a week. (This product is a necessity when travelling)

#9. Skip the chafing

Hands up who hasn't experienced chafing at some point! It's a common issue caused by repetitive skin-on-skin friction that can cause redness, irritation, inflammation and extreme discomfort. Sweat is also a big factor when it comes to chafing, which is a big issue with working out and also why summertime is peak chafe season. The Body Balm can help prevent chafing by acting as a lubricant to eradicate the skin-on-skin friction.  And If you have an inflamed, chafed area, apply The Body Balm liberally for instant soothing.

#10. Restore rough elbows

Elbows are often the least attended to part of our body. No matter how much moisturiser you're slathering on post-shower, there always seems to be one particular patch of dryness that feels impossible to shake. 

The good news? Dry, ugly, flaky elbow relief is here! For best results, give them a good rub with some exfoliator and follow with lashings of The Body Balm.  Dry skin will absorb the Balm quickly and before you know it - hello happy, healthy elbows.

Our elbows do a lot more work than we give them credit for, give them some special attention daily post-shower.

#11. Brilliant for Beards

Beards may be back but Pash Rash will never, ever be a thing!  The solution for "baby"-soft beards is a little Body Balm melted between your fingers and then massaged into the bristles.

Handsome man with beard

#12 Magnificent for Massage

The Body Balm delivers perfect slip for massage and then will completely absorb into your skin.  De-stresses and delivers super-silky skin.

How else do you use the Ultra-Sensitive Body Balm?


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