So, I had two small kids and I was working as a Pharmacist AND by the end of the day, I WAS SO TIRED!  Too tired to cleanse my face (shock).  Too tired to splash water everywhere.  Too tired to be careful and not wet the hair around my hairline and get a fuzzy. Just too tired!  Okay, confession-time, before I had kids, I often was too tired at the end of the day (fine, lazy) to cleanse my face.

I also had sensitive skin and figured that I needed a solution which would allow me to lazily & effectively cleanse at the end of the day.  And of course be plant-based.

In my research, I could see that foaming cleansers were a disaster for people with sensitive skin or even just dry skin as they would strip all of the skin’s natural protection.  Washing off with water itself also can dry out your skin and then I also couldn’t see the point of filling a product with amazing actives which you then literally rinse down the drain.  

I realised that by the end of the day, I needed to be horizontal, which gave me the idea of a cleanser which I could use in bed.  Or at the gym, or at my desk, or even in my plane seat (remember those?). I needed it to cleanse my skin well, removing dirt and even a full face of makeup.  I needed it to not be messy.  And you know what?  If I am making a product which is going to stay on your skin, it should treat my skin’s condition too, which is why I ended up designing 4 versions for different skin-types so that you get the benefits of the no-rinse cleanser and great skin, irrespective of your skin-type.



So how do I use the No Rinse Cleanser? My cleanser sits in my bedside table with either a stack of cotton rounds or a large microfibre cloth. I squirt the cleanser onto a pad/ cloth and absent-mindedly rub it all over my face.  And then repeat with a new pad or corner of the cloth until the cloth wipes clean.  It will even take off waterproof makeup as you are not using water.

How do I know that my skin is actually clean? The pad or cloth will wipe clear.  Think of it like using a cleansing wipe, EXCEPT, it is good for your skin.  Your skin will feel soft and clean and nourished.  And yes, ideally you should follow it up with a moisturiser but if you are in a huge hurry (kids, work, fallen asleep) at least your skin will be somewhat nourished.

The Lite Protect No Rinse Cleanser is for Normal to combination skin, features Hazelnut Oil as it it protects whilst actually tightening pores, so it won’t cause you to break out.  The Deep Hydration No Rinse Cleanser uses Jojoba Oil, to provide intense hydration for Dry Skin.  The Wrinkle Rewind No Rinse Cleanser features a combination of Rosehip Oil, Camellia Oil and Evening Primrose Oil for intense anti-oxidant protection and skin repair for Aging Skin. The Ultra-Sensitive Treatment Cleansing Oil uses a combination of Jojoba Oil and Glycerine to deeply nourish, reduce flare-ups and boost resilience in Very Sensitive skin.

And yes, I use it in the morning too.  This time in the bathroom in front of a mirror but one swipe is enough as my skin is lovely and clean from my bed-cleanse last night.  And my poor moisturiser works better too as it no longer needs to work so damn hard to make up for the stripping it used to have to deal with when I used cleansing wipes or a traditional cleanser.

So, my kids are taller than me now but I am still tired (lazy) at the end of the day but when I fall asleep, my skin is clean and cared for and I took care of my face in bed, while reading a book (okay, while watching Netflix)

And now you no longer have to feel guilty about falling into bed with your makeup on because now you can take it all off while horizontal and actually do the right thing by your face.



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